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Idaho Botanical Garden and Aquarium of Boise

On June 5-6 we played tourist and saw some local Boise attractions.  On Friday evening we went to the Idaho Botanical Garden.  The gardens are 15 acres and took us about an hour to see.  They include a succulent garden, rose garden, English garden and a meditation garden among other attractions.

Then on Saturday we went to the Aquarium of Boise.  The aquarium features about 250 species of animals and marine life.  Not just fish, it includes reptiles and birds.

Check out our photos below!


On May 24th we visited the town of Hagerman, Idaho which has many hidden gems of archaeology and geology!  We started off with a tour of the Hagerman Fossil Beds Visitors Center, where we learned about the excavation by the Smithsonian that unearthed many excellent fossil samples, such as an early horse-like animal, mastodons, sloths, and smaller mammals.  But our morning would not be complete without taking the fossil beds driving tour!  With several beautiful overlooks, the tour winds through the hills where the remaining fossils are embedded in the rocks.

The Hagerman Wildlife Management Area and State Fish Hatchery was our second destination of the day.  At the fish hatchery you can buy food to feed the fish, and the fish get so excited they jump clear out of the water for the food!

After feeding the fish, we realized it was time to feed ourselves.  We drove to Malad Gorge State Park and had a picnic.  The park has its own driving tour with six points of interest centered on the gorge itself, a true natural wonder!  One of the highlights of the tour was a bridge that crosses the gorge from which you can view the “Devil’s Washbowl” – a magnificent 60-foot waterfall.  We also saw many birds and small mammals that call the gorge home.

Below are some photographs from the day as well as our 360 degree views.  We hope you enjoy!

Hagerman 360 degree views:

Kathryn Albertson Park

On Friday, we explored Kathryn Albertson Park, a 41-acre Boise park that serves as home to wildlife and beautiful flowers.  And it certainly seemed to be the time for baby animals!  Check out some of the ducklings, goslings, bunnies, and deer we saw along our path.

MK Nature Center

As part of a meetup group, we were fortunate to get a private tour of the beautiful MK Nature Center in Boise last Thursday.  With a visitor’s center and several unreleasable educational animals on display, the Center also is a 4.6 acre site along the greenbelt that is home to wildlife, including fish and deer.  On that day we were lucky enough to come upon a deer who had given birth only seconds before and see her clean and care for her new baby!

See some 360 degree views:

View 1: Click Here

View 2: Click Here

View 3: Click Here

Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve

Last Monday we visited Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve, a 44-acre wildlife haven in Boise featuring trails and overlooks.  Aside from the lakes, there is wetland and forest habitat on the reserve.  It is also part of the Idaho Birding Trail (IBT) – a network of sites that provide the best bird viewing in Idaho.  A public art sculpture that doubles as a bat habitat can be viewed from one of the overlooks.

Wildlife was very active during our visit and we were fortunate to photograph many types of birds, including some goslings, flowers, and a swimming mammal that may have been a marmot.  We hope you enjoy our pictures below!

Here are some 360 degree views:

View 1: Click Here

View 2: Click Here

World Center for Birds of Prey

Last weekend we visited the World Center for Birds of Prey located on a scenic hilltop in Boise.  The Center is a breeding facility for endangered birds of prey.  There is also an interpretive center with educational displays.  The research library was closed when we visited, but we hope to return to check that out along with the walking trail that offers a scenic overlook.  You can find out more about the Center here.

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